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? The main function of door lock software have?

2018/4/12 16:39:39      view:2153

The main function of door lock software:

Time limit: with real time clock in the door lock, but about the validity of a smart card key time constraints, such as the guest card can only be unlocked during check-in, overdue invalid automatically, etc.

Regional restrictions: every lock is equipped with the room number, floor number, date, house bugle call only corresponding area, can open the lock, such as the guest card can only open the specified room door lock, card could only open the door lock floor to floor, etc.

: the level limit the scope of the different levels of card can open the door and status, such as emergency card can open all door lock, and can open locked, and the guest card could only open one room door lock, and cannot be locked.

Unlock records: every time the lock, lock record the serial number and time of the lock, can save the latest 380 records.

Report the loss of function: when a key card is lost, resend a new card will be lost card invalid.

Emergency function: when a state of emergency, available emergency card will lock in a normally open state, so that the personnel evacuation and possessions.

Closed door lock function: according to the need, can be a closed room, disable all the room key card (except emergency card).

Set the gate function: according to the need, can be set up public floor door (allow the floor all valid open card opened) and building public door (open all valid card allows we opened).

Ultra-low power consumption: shortest 4 5 batteries can be used for 18 months.

Alarm function: when the door latch in the compression state for more than 4 seconds locks have a di di di alarm, the alarm time is about one minute.

Terminate the guest card function: used to open the door of layer, the building, the area and the general card to lock the door three times in a row, three locks a di di di, at the same time, terminate the door lock is currently using the guest card.

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